Mount Zion School Values

Our Vision
Our Vision

Mount Zion is preparing students to be Christian leaders. Mount Zion is a private, Christian school and it is our vision to provide an educational program that will develop students spiritually, academically, socially, financially and physically. In addition, the school encourages the development of Christian leader’s mindset in our students as we encourage them to know God, perform their best academically, plan a successful future, have the courage to stand for what is right and help to make a godly difference in the lives of others.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the whole child in the same areas in which Jesus grew. As a child, Jesus grew in wisdom, intellectually; in favor with God, spiritually; in favor with man, socially and emotionally and in statue, physically. Luke 2:52.

Our History

Mount Zion Baptist Christian School is a private, Christian school that came into existence in 1988 to help prepare Christian young people to be Godly leaders. Our educational program exists in a nurturing, Christian environment that seeks to form a bond between our students, the teachings of God and academic achievement.

Mount Zion Seeks To Develop Students:


Students are challenged to perform their best.


They are to put in action the principles of God that they are taught.


Students are taught appropriate manners and encouraged to use them.


They are helped to develop a model of mentally healthy behavior. They are taught the principles that will help them understand their behavior, and engage in activities that will help them discover God’s purpose for their lives.


Students are encouraged to appreciate their racial heritage, learn the achievements of their people and develop a sense of identity.


Students are provided opportunities to engage in physical activities.


Students are encouraged to use money wisely.

Meet Our Team

Pastor Rev. Mark Riddix III


Shawn Floyd


Jennifer Crenshaw

Vice Principal