Middle School

Mount Zion Baptist Christian Middle School

Thank you for your interest in Mount Zion Baptist Christian Middle School. The middle school will provide an Academic foundation that will prepare students for transition into high school. We will also create opportunity for students to earn 2 high school credits, one in Mathematics and one in Foreign Language if your child masters the skills.

The middle school program emphasizes: the importance of Bible knowledge, cultivating of a friendship with Jesus Christ, and the development of a Christian leader’s mindset. The middle school program also emphasizes having the courage to stand for what is right and possessing a desire to be personally successful while making a difference in the world by helping to improving the lives of other people

The Vision for the Middle School

We provide a spiritual and academic foundation that will influence the entire course of our student’s lives. Mount Zion Baptist Christian School offers an educational program which will help our students to achieve their best academically, to grow spiritually as they learn of God, to discover their racial and spiritual identity, to develop Christian character, and to acquire the necessary social skills and emotional understandings to live fulfilled lives in society.

The Middle School
The Middle School

It is during the middle school years that the students are in a time of transition. These students are moving from childhood to adolescence and it is a time of great physical energy, emotional uncertainties and intellectual understandings. It is a time of trying the limits. These years are extremely exciting and trying for all-the teachers, the parents and the students.

Our classroom settings are very structured and the needs of the students are met. The success of a student often reston his/her ability to cooperate. There are many opportunities for students to participate in activities that allow freedom and creativity. We have expectations, standards and policies that will help train students for a disciplined and successful future. It is our belief that students in a private, Christian school should stand out for their knowledge, goals, behavior, dress and faith in God.

Class Size
Class Size

The class size is twenty students with a teacher. Our program provides small group instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics.

It is our plan to expose students to academic excellence and motivate them to achieve the best. We expect our students to:

  1. Come to school with a cooperative attitude
  2. Come in dress code
  3. Put forth their best to learn and improve academically
  4. Demonstrate manners
  5. Hold appropriate conversations
  6. Have a respectful attitude towards adults, students and themselves
  7. Exhibit proper behavior
  8. Have a respect for God and a desire to learn about Him
  9. Attend church regularly

Here at Mount Zion, we make a commitment to provide respect and care for all our students.

Middle School Enrollment Process

Please fill out and email* the Assessment Application and the following:

  • A copy of your child’s latest report card
  • A copy of your child’s latest standardized test score
  • A copy of your child’s progress reports and/or Teacher Recommendations

*Email to sfloyd@mzbcministries.org

Upon receipt of the above application and paperwork, the school will forward you an invoice to pay an assessment fee. This invoice will be sent within 48 hours of receiving the paperwork. Once the invoice has been paid, the school will contact you within 48 hours withan assessment day and time**. Student will complete an instructional assessment in Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Writing.  The assessment time for Grades 6-8 is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

**Due to Covid 19, the assessment may be scheduled online and virtually.


After the assessment has been completed, a letter with the results and the school’s decision of enrollment will be sent within one week. Enrollment is based on the assessment results Conduct record Report card grades


Fields marked with an * are required

Standardized Test Scores

If criteria for enrollment is met, you will receive a formal letter of acceptance and an enrollment packet of information. This will include an appointment for an admissions information conference as well (in person or virtual)

Parents can begin the enrollment process by signing the Parent Agreement Providing the school with:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • A copy of your child’s social security card
  • A copy of your child’s Immunization Record A copy of your child’s most recent physical

*The above documents can be emailed to info@mu


Upon receiving the above documents, an invoice with the enrollment fee of $600.00 will be sent. To finalize your child’s enrollment, the school must receive the Enrollment Payment of $600.00. Official School Enrollment Form.  After the fee is received, you will be contacted (within 48 hours) (for an appointment.

Tuition & Fees

2020-21 Middle School Fee Sheet
Annual Tuition & Fees 5,400.00

Enrollment Fee $600.00 10 payments August – May $480.00

Tuition Service Family Fee for the year $50