The Mount Zion Nursery School contains programs for students 3 to 5 years of age. Children in the nursery school are in their early childhood developmental stages and they are curious, energetic, lovable explorers. Since these students are very young, it is crucial to their development and emotional well-being that they are nurtured. We provide an environment in which each student will feel loved, liked and wanted.

The Nursery school consists of two programs listed below:

Nursery 3
Nursery 3

Students are 3 years old by March 1 of the enrolling year.

Nursery 4
Nursery 4

Students are 4 year old by September 1 of the enrolling year.

The Mission of Nursery School

The mission of our nursery school is to provide a caring, nurturing, Christian setting that engages students in a variety of activities which will stimulate them and promote growth physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Many of the learning activities are structured while other activities allow freedom and choices. We seek to provide a foundation that will influence the entire course of our students’ lives.

Subjects and Curriculum

Abeka, a biblically based curriculum, is utilized for all instructional areas except Black History. Our Black History classes are designed to teach the achievements of black people. Incorporated in the nursery school schedule are opportunities for the student to participate in the singing, rhythmic movements and play activities throughout the entire day.

Children in nursery school are instructed in the following areas:

Bible Phonics/Reading Handwriting Science

Social Studies/American and Black History Music/Art

*Foreign Language / Technology

*Concepts will be introduced

Class Size
Class Size

The class size is twenty students with a teacher and a teacher assistant. Our program provides small group instruction in Phonics and Mathematics.


Criteria for Admission into the Nursery School
Criteria for Admission into the Nursery School

A child’s readiness for a structured school program is demonstrated by:

  • being fully potty trained
  • following directions
  • having an attention span of five minutes or more
  • possessing an interest in learning activities

The parent(s) agreement to cooperate with school policies, the staff and the basic teachings of the Christian faith.

Nursery School Application for Assessment

Once the form is submitted, an invoice will be forwarded (within 48 hours) to your email address for the $30 assessment fee. After the fee is received, you will be contacted (within 48 hours) (for an appointment.

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2021-22 Nursery School Fees

Annual Tuition Fee $5,625.00

– Book Fees and trips are included in the annual tuition fee.

– Enrollment Payment $600.00 (due upon registration)

– 10 payments August – May $502.50

– Tuition Management Service Family Fee for the year* $50


*This fee is in addition to the annual tuition fee and must be paid separately.

*$150.00 of the registration fee is non-refundable.