High School

Mount Zion High School

The high school years are a very important time, and it is a time to prepare students for life. Students are encouraged to develop a plan for a successful future.

Mount Zion is a private, Christian school that provides a strong academic foundation and nurtures the Christian faith. The academic program prepares students for their transition into college or for transition into their next place of high training. Our Bible classes prepare students for leadership and career planning.

The high school program emphasizes the strengthening of SAT skills, the understanding of principles taught in the Bible, developing a career plan and demonstrating appropriate social skills and Christian character. To accomplish these goals, students must be industrious in their efforts and cooperative in their social interactions in the school setting.

The High School Years
The High School Years

The high school years are a time of life preparation. It is the time for students to seriously consider and begin to develop a plan for their lives. Students need to take time to think, pray, dream, plan, and set goals to have a successful future. It is also a time of increased social activities.

To achieve their goals of success, students must be determined to achieve, consistent and industrious in their efforts, respectful and cooperative with authorities and behave socially appropriate in the school setting.



Our Program
Our Program

To enhance our academic program and broaden the student’s horizons, there are various cultural and educational experiences that the school will plan each year. These experiences are not optional. They are planned to enrich the students’ perspective and knowledge of the world. These experiences will also assist them as they make realistic plans for their future.

We seek to expose our students to a curriculum that promotes spiritual development, academic challenges, racial appreciation, appropriate social manners and financial management.


The class size is twenty students with a teacher. Our program provides small group instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics.

At Mount Zion, we believe that a successful future begins with your child having a teachable, cooperative attitude, putting forth good effort to achieve and discovering the plan of God for his or her life. God has placed in your child’s heart and mind a plan and talents that will lead your child to success.

Student Expectations
Student Expectations

We expect our students to:

  • Have a respect for God and a desire to learn His ways
  • Demonstrate behaviors below that will generate a good academic learning environment:
  • Have an outstanding attendance record for the year. (Student will have no more than 2 unexcused absences.)
  • Arrive on time for school and each class.
  • Arrive in the school’s uniform or dress code.
  • Come to school with a cooperative attitude.
  • Respect and cooperate with all adults.
  • Demonstrate socially appropriate manners and Christian character as they interact with classmates and others.
  • Engage in conversations that are appropriate for a Christian school setting.
  • Utilize the procedures taught for conflict resolution to resolve problems.
  • Put forth good effort to learn and to academically progress.
  • Follow school policies and class rules.

High School Enrollment Process

Please fill out and return with the Assessment Application along with the following documents:

  • A copy of your child’s latest report card
  • A copy of your child’s latest standardized test score
  • A copy of your child’s progress reports and/or Teacher

Copies of the above mentioned documents should be emailed to info@mountzionschool.com . Once the documents are received, an invoice will be forwarded to your email. This is an invoice for the assessment fee. The School will contact you with an assessment day and time once the assessment fee is receive. Upon receipt of the above application and paperwork, the school will forward you an invoice to pay an assessment fee. This invoice will be sent within 48 hours of receiving the paperwork.

Students will complete an instructional assessment in Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Writing. The assessment time for Grades 9-12 is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

**Due to Covid 19, the assessment may be scheduled online and virtually.


After the assessment has been completed, a letter with the results and the school’s decision of enrollment will be sent within one week. Enrollment is based on the assessment results Conduct record Report card grades

Application Form

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Tuition & Fees

2021-22 High School Fees
$ 5,815 Total School Fees -Enrollment Fee

The tuition covers 170 days from the opening day in September to the closing date in June. The annual school fees include the registration fee, the book fee and the annual tuition.

$ 250 – Registration* & Technology Fees

$ 550 – Book Fees**

$ 150 – Trip Fees

$ 165 – YMCA Fees

$ 5,300 Annual Tuition

$ 6,415 Total School Fees

$ -600 Enrollment Fee

$ 5,815 balance to be paid in 10 payments of $581.50 from Aug- May

*150 Non -refundable registration fee

** Book Fees contains partial fee for iPad purchase and books.

Tuition Service Family Fee for the year $50