In the keyboard lessons, teacher will approach kids in a playful manner, encouraging a joyful first music experience instead of serious skill training. Group learning provides kids with more fun activities, chances for teamwork and relay, and they can learn from each other as well. In keyboard class children can:

[1] Experience through movements, singing, rhythm, keyboard games, and active involvement with manipulative
[2] Experience sequence of solfeggi notes with singing and body movement
[3] Experience pitch signing and tracking on the keyboard.
[4] Do pre-reading activities with magnet board and visual aids
[5] Prepare hand shape finger awareness through finger play songs.
[6] Experience concepts through singing words, solfeggi patterns (melody and shapes), moving to feel pulse and tempo.
[7] Prepare 4/4 and 3/4 meters, learn to write whole, half and quarter notes and rests.