95410IMG_0228The school buildings combine elegance and majesty required for an institution of learning make us one of the best boarding school in India. Safety and security are of international standards with computerized fire fighting system; CCTV’s and security control access to all areas. Security personnel are equipped with the sophisticated communication system.

The Classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate 25 students per class. Each student desk is standalone with aisle on either side permitting free movement. Furniture is ergonomically designed and customized for every child. They also allow for regrouping during teamwork and round table seminars. The dimensions of the classroom, construction style and material as well as the positioning and construction of the teacher’s podium ensure good acoustics. Each classroom has its own comprehensive audio-visual equipments like LCD projector, overhead projector and digital display screen.

97626IMG_6232Mount Zion MATRIC  School is proud to have established a Language Learning Station with a latest WI-FI Technology. Mount Zion MATRIC  School brings Language Learning as a unique experience with the ‘Skill Phone Language Learning Station’. Skill Phone Language Learning Station is the first of its kind in the world with the wireless technology enhanced acoustic learning process. This language lab forays into successful implementation of noble teaching methods to cultivate effective spoken skills into the students.

Student material production including the use of audio – visual materials is an important activity among the faculty staff. The language lab of the school with the facilities of audio and video recording and analysis is very useful for this purpose.