Class Rooms

We make learning as an enjoyable experience for the students through our  smart classrooms. It is equipped with a host of interactive features, providing a very lively and enriching session between the children and teacher. In addition, we also follow the traditional Chalk & Talk method. The classrooms are adequately spacious, bright, ventilated and set the right tone for effective learning.

The Classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate 25 students per class. Each student desk is standalone with aisle on either side permitting free movement. Furniture is ergonomically designed and customized for every child. They also allow for regrouping during teamwork and round table seminars. The dimensions of the classroom, construction style and material as well as the positioning and construction of the teacher’s podium ensure good acoustics. Each classroom has its own comprehensive audio-visual equipments like LCD projector, overhead projector and digital display screen.