Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

The concept of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) was originally initiated by the Central Board of Secondary Education for the purpose of monitoring and supervising the assessment of the quality of education in Schools on a regular basis. The evaluation is generally made on the basis of measuring the performance of the candidates on a regular basis which makes an overall coverage of all the activities that a student gets involved in. This type of programme is specially fragmented in order to maintain a close watch on the development of the students on a regular basis and pattern and hence, has also been a part of our academic session report.

The need for continuous and comprehensive evaluation:

The ability to realize the potential in a candidate is discovered on the basis of regular monitoring and evaluation. Growth in a student cannot be measured until and unless there is a continuous and comprehensive evaluation. A continuous approach in respect of monitoring the performance of the student allows ensuring that gradual development is taking place within the candidate whereas on the other hand, the need for comprehensive approach is witnessed when it comes to measuring the quality in such development. Continuous evaluation is a measure to ensure stability in development and comprehensive evaluation is a measure to ensure that development in terms of quality of knowledge among the students are developing, which will make them a better citizen, rather a better learner and a person.

Monitoring such performances mainly calls in for two distinct kinds of assessments in form of formative assessment and summative assessment. In case of the former, the teacher mainly considers in getting involved with the students along with the task and monitoring is carried out on such basis. Moreover, the teacher is carrying on a supervisory function where he can correct the students immediately. On the other hand, summative assessment is moreover a long period oriented programme that measures the efficiency and development of the students over a specific period of time. The CCE has its operations divided into two separate terms on monthly basis:

  • I term : April to September
  • II term : October to March

Evaluation is carried out from classes VI to X where six different assessments are proposed. Type of assessment Percentage of Weightage Month Term wise in academic session Weightage.

First Term

Formative Assessment 1      10% April-May FA-1+2=20%
Formative Assessment 2      10% July-August
Summative Assessment 1     20% September SA- 1=20%

Second Term

Formative Assessment 3            10% October-November FA-3+4=20%
Formative Assessment 4            10% January-February
Summative Assessment 2           40% March SA-2=40%
Total Formative Assessments     FA-1 + FA-2 + FA-3 +FA-4 = 40%
Summative Assessments            SA-1 + SA-2 = 60%